KLWP pro is a fantastic live wallpaper maker application. It is used for designing and creating live wallpaper on your smartphones. So, if you want your customized wallpaper, you can easily get it now. Now, you have full opportunity to create beautiful wallpaper with stunning look and attractive style. People can also use their own personal photos as wallpaper. So this customized wallpapers will make your phones and devices more attractive and beautiful. You can create your favorite wallpaper in no time.

Moreover, this app for creating wallpapers is totally free of cost. This app also allows editing as well. So, it is ideal for customized widgets, live map background, weather widget, and text wallpaper, scrolling images, astronomical data, and animated patterns. That is why it includes a lot of editing tools for creating and designing enhanced customized wallpapers. So the best feature of the app is its WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor feature which can help you in creating an ideal wallpaper and display that as your favorite wallpaper.

Some More information about KLWP Live wallpaper Pro:

Application NameKLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key (KLWP Pro)
File Size1.0Mb
Update12 Sept. 2018
Supported DevicesAndroid Smartphone and tablets
RequirementsAndroid OS 4.4 and up
Featurescustomized themes and wallpaper maker
DeveloperKustom industries

How to Download and install.

First, install the free version after that install the KLWP pro.Download Links Free Version Pro APK


The app has so many amazing features which make your task easier. You can easily create a wallpaper of your own choice and enjoy the themes and effects it provides. Let us have a look at some of those incredible features now:

  • The app has customized themes and widgets in which you can simply create customized themes and widgets of your own choice
  • KlWP Pro allows you to create and design the best KLWP themes and wallpaper. Moreover, it has an easy user interface
  • The app has attractive designs for making wallpapers
  • The latest version of this app has the ability to remove the ads. So, you won’t be interrupted by any sort of ad while creating wallpaper
  • KLWP can also be run on PCs
  • ability to unlock and import data from SD card and other External devices
  • The app is totally free and you do not have to pay a single penny
  • ability to create APK preset packs for your latest KLWP themes or wallpapers
  • The presence of customized fonts for texts, colors, sizes, and latest effects
  • The ability to get shapes like Exagon, Arc, Triangle, and Oval to create new wallpapers
  • You can also add a 3D flip transformation to your customized themes
  • The app easily supports also built in picture scaler like PNH, JPG, SVG and web images
  • You can also add ZOOPER such as progress bars and series to the customized wallpapers
  • Different tiling, shadows, gradients and color filters etc. can also be added
  • The app also includes touch actions or hotspots on anything you create
  • You can get different layers along with the overlay effects such as pro image, photo editors
  • The new status bar notification allows you to update your wallpaper and KLWP themes etc.
  • The google fitness support can also be gotten which includes segments, calories, sleep, steps, and distance etc.
  • The ability to use different animation effects like fading scaling, scrolling based on screen position, accelerometer, touch, events and many more
  • The ability to support wallpapers motion with the magnetic sensors and gyroscope or other objects animations

So, you have to make sure that your Android OS is compatible with the latest version of KLWP pro key APK download. So you can not approach the app with the devices below 4.4. Check your devise connectivity as well before downloading. Keep these points in mind and then you can go for downloading this amazing app. It works very smoothly and users who love to create different types of wallpaper will definitely enjoy this application. The images created on this app are of great quality and produces very good results. So, download it now and enjoy the unlimited features.